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You will have a healthy and quality sleep experience with the Unico Super Lux Goose Feather Pillow from the Penelope sleep products collection, which knows the sleep language best, so that you can wake up refreshed every new day. This special medical pillow has goose down and super soft visco filling, which can be used on both sides.

Unico Super Lux Goose Feather Pillow has alternative filling rates for those who prefer to sleep on their stomach, back or side, and offers the comfort of a visco pillow that supports the neck area as needed.

This special pillow can be used double-sided at the user's request and can be adapted to all sleeping styles as 3 different pillows:

If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, you can remove the visco pillow and get a low pillow consisting only of goose feathers.

When lying on your back, you can use the visco pillow with holes in it as a second pillow by putting it in a new cover.

If you prefer to sleep on your side, you can get a full, natural and orthopedic pillow with the comfort of goose down coated on the perforated viscose inside Unico.

Unico Super Lux Goose Down Pillow is ideal for stomach, back and side sleeping positions. The filling material consists of 90% down and 100% perforated super soft viscoelastic. Additionally, 100% cotton fabric was used. Provides highly comfortable sleep with its unique combination