Terms of Service

Delivery and installation service details
Please contact the customer service representative on phone number 1803040 to confirm the collection date. If you request a change to the collection date, a new appointment will be set within 14 days.
The delivery team apologizes for not adjusting the entrances and corridors during the delivery of furniture to homes. We ask our valued customers to ensure that the entrances and corridors, including the turning area when delivering the furniture, match the dimensions of the pieces that were purchased.
The delivery team is not responsible for hanging mirrors, picture frames, and other wall hangings, making electrical connections, or removing mattresses, and is not responsible for moving any pieces of furniture from one room to another.

Storage policy
The possibility of storing the goods for a maximum period of 20 days from the date of purchase or from the date of the end of their manufacture according to the customer’s request. After the expiry of the storage period, 10 KD per week will be charged for additional storage, provided that the storage period does not exceed 6 months.