Senior Mattress

356.800 KD 446.000 KD
SKU: JSN21020020 ISBN: JSN21020020
- Designed exclusively for the elderly
- Its design and approval was supervised by specialized doctors
- Made to meet different needs of the elderly
- Provides exceptional comfort, support and relaxation
- Carefully selected special materials
- A design that balances providing the necessary support for the body and comfort during sleeping and lying down
- Memory foam enhanced with cooling gel capsules
- Relieves pressure points on the body
- Layers of contouring sponge with HR technology
- Motion isolation technology and surrounding ventilation channels
- Fixed edges with high support to facilitate getting out of bed
- A 5-year warranty guarantees the long-term stability of the mattress’s performance according to the terms of the warranty

This mattress  takes 5 working days to deliver because it has a lot of detailing during manufacturing process