Health Premium Mattress

184.800 KD 231.000 KD
SKU: JSHP21020020 ISBN: JSHP21020020
Firmness: The mattress provides a firm level of high support to help relieve pressure on the spine and promote spinal alignment
Support and contour: The mattress with a layer of azure foam is supportive and elastically conforms to the body's natural curves, providing targeted support to affected areas and reducing pressure on the herniated disc.
Pressure Relief: The mattress has pressure-relieving properties, evenly distributing body weight and reducing pressure points to reduce discomfort.
Motion isolation: The top layer and core mattress structure made with HR technology have excellent motion isolation capabilities to prevent movement disturbances during sleep and ensure uninterrupted sleep.
Ventilation: The mattress uses breathable Belgian knitted fabric to enhance airflow to maintain a cool and comfortable sleeping environment.
DURABILITY: Built with high-quality HR materials that are flexible and long-lasting, able to withstand regular use without compromising its supportive properties.
A 10-year warranty ensures long-term mattress performance under warranty terms

This mattress takes 2 working days to deliver because it has a lot of detailing during manufacturing process