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You will wake up renewed every day with our special pillow types, which we know the sleep language best and designed to accompany a healthy and quality sleep.
Choosing the right pillow according to the person's sleeping style brings along healthy and quality sleep. Penelope Bedroom Gold Firm Goose Down Pillow is one of the most valuable products of Penelope pillow collection. Its filling contains 90% Class 1 goose feathers. Goose down feather gives volume and softness to the pillow. 10% back goose down creates height under the head when lying down and makes it suitable for lying on the face. The fabric of the pillow is 100% cotton down proof Nomite licensed fabric. This Nomite licensed fabric does not remove the fluff in its content, nor does it allow the formation of house dust mites, bacteria and fungi on it.

Goose down is the healthiest, long-lasting and uniquely comfortable filling material known.
It has hygroscopic feature. It is heat and humidity stabilizer. It absorbs the humidity in the environment and leaves it back when not in use.
It is the lightest and at the same time the strongest thermal insulation filling material. It is natural, light, healthy and soft.
Goose feathers have two forms as goose feathers and back feathers: Goose feathers provide a strong thermal insulation as a filling material, while adding volume and fullness to the product. The back hair provides a durable fluff to the product it is in. Back feathers in pillows are used in certain proportions to support the weight of the head and to prevent the head from getting support by being buried in the pillow in the lying position. In the duvet, on the other hand, the down