Coaster Mattress

192.000 KD 240.000 KD
SKU: JSC21020030 ISBN: JSC21020030

Coaster mattress:
*Equipped with a solid bottom layer to give more stability
* Pocket springs covered with fabric to protect spring quality + two layers for top
The bottom is covered with fabric to give stability and a long life to the mattress
*A layer made of fabrics compressed at less than 48%, which is characterized by thinness and softness
*A layer made of tissue with a density of up to 70%.
*It is characterized by softness and flexibility to achieve complete comfort and peaceful sleep
*The fabric used provides an immediate cooling effect to the skin
*The mattresses are equipped with handles at all corners
It is characterized by:
- Ventilation system
- Protecting the spine while sleeping
- Natural woven material resistant to moths and bacteria
- free delivery
- 5 year warranty