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It is a natural and soft bamboo pillow for those looking for a feeling of coolness in the hot summer season. 
Bamboo pillow is naturally durable and breathable with its bamboo content. 
The most basic issue that can be specified as the characteristics of bamboo pillows is that, due to its bamboo structure, it absorbs 3 times more water than cotton and dries 4 times faster. 
It helps the body to breathe. It is a pillow that helps prevent the problem of sweating. The products are easy to use, washable and odorless. 
Bamboo creates a fresh feeling and keeps it cool. Bamboo pillow is ideal for spring and summer months. 
Bamboo pillow users wake up rested from the bed, having a healthy and good sleep. 
Filling material: 100% bead fiber. duveted padding; 30% bamboo, 70% nanofiber. 
Fabric: 100% bamboo. Its filling is 750 grams.